How to Measure

Once you have chosen your style of window treatment, print the handy measuring chart that goes with the style you’ve chosen and use it to record your window measurements. 



  • Be accurate, measure to the 1/4 inch and always in inches.
  • Always use metal tape measures, never cloth.
  • It may be useful to use chalk/pencil on your walls when measuring for easier installation when your window treatments arrive
  • For shades, decide if you want the shade to be mounted inside or outside your window
  • When measuring shade width, measure your window in three different places- top middle and bottom- use the smallest measurement for an inside mount only.
  • When measuring for panel length, first decided on the position of the pole, which is usually four to six inches above your window or to the ceiling, Panels should touch the floor slightly.
  • When measuring for a valance, first decide on the position of the mounting board, which is usually four to six inches above your window to to the ceiling. Our valance lengths are normally 14 to 20 inches, depending on your window size.
  • If you still have questions on how to measure your window accurately, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us.